So we present to you an overview of some factors and things to keep in mind before you buy a new coffee maker. K Cup Coffee Maker. This device is so user friendly that even a beginner can operate this and make coffee easily. You get the choice of different mug sizes ranging from 6 to 12 oz. In sum: This is a good, solid choice, but nothing to get too excited over. It’s a problem every solitary coffee drinker knows: You want to brew a cup for yourself, but what are you going to do with the 11 cups that are left over? Hamilton Single Serve machine takes care of the design so that you get a luxurious and extravagant look to flaunt! Just be prepared to pull it out often — this is a machine you’ll love using again and again. It’s also big — the size of a standard machine. The cup-rest can be vertically adjustable. Keurig, Nespresso, Black + Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Ninja all make our list for best coffee makers. Drinking delicious coffee on a cold evening would be a relaxing experience. This single-serve coffee device prepares coffee & tea within minutes. It weighs around 2.89 pounds. Even if you’ve tight-spaces, this machine won’t mind! So whether you love the convenience of pre-measured coffee pods, appreciate the option of brewing a small amount rather than a big ol’ pot, or put a lot of stock in aesthetics, we think you’ll be buzzing over these three winners: Serious java junkies tend to avoid single-serve makers, lamenting that pods will never result in the same great taste you get from a lovingly prepared, precisely honed pour-over method. Single serve coffee maker comes in two variants, one works with electricity, and the other is a non–electric one. This feature is also desirable if you don’t travel that often and take your brewing machine along. It has a considerable preparation time of about 3 minutes, but the result is worth the waiting. CNN Underscored is your guide to the everyday products and services that help you live a smarter, simpler and more fulfilling life. If you are in an area that has hard water problem then go for the models that come with the water softener. At a few eyes blinks, and you are served with hot coffee. So, transport it without hassles and have the best drink anywhere and anytime. The water receptacle needs to be filled with each use, but easy-to-read water lines make it a cinch to do (we do recommend pouring from a spout as the tank is, you guessed it, small). So you need not remind yourself to switch off the unit. The carafe side comes with a timer and a 2 hours self shut off feature. Buying guide for best single-cup coffee makers. Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve ($139.99; Savor the love of your life- Expresso in different colors. Depending on your preference, choose the one that’s best suits and serves you. Let’s start with the positive: If you’re short on space (say, sharing a dorm room, studio apartment or are looking for a personal coffee maker for your office), this machine takes up a scant amount of room. This reusable filter cup is easy to plug out and easy to clean. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link on here, we get a small commission. It can be difficult to select the best single cup coffee maker when so many options exist on the market. A 40-count variety pack is $40 on Amazon. It is best for those who are looking for a super-swift caffeine fix without compromise on the quality of the coffee. Our first thought as we unboxed this petite machine: “How cute!” But while the Sboly is, indeed, compact, it packs an impressive punch, most notably for its versatility. It’s also a breeze to use: Just add water and grounds, and push one button to start brewing. The programmable settings are the most significant advantage as it provides you with your desired specific taste every time. This type of carafe would speed up the time taken for every serve. Are you wondering if you could use your tall-mug? This disposable K-cup pod coffee would make each coffee mug expensive. But as we fired it up to make a second cup the next morning, it started to whir, but quickly stopped, showing an “EEO” error on its digital display. It produced the hottest coffee of the bunch, delivered the same great taste with every cup, allowed for a variety of brewing options and truly could not be easier to use. The tray can be adjusted, and the mug can be placed near the dispenser for avoiding spills. Since it's about the size of a coffee mug, you can even take it with you while traveling (you'll just need access to hot water). The basket-filter is made of the best food-grade material that precisely serves a tempting, robust, and ideal cup of espresso with its reusable filter. Also, you have a pour-over coffee in the included travel mug on the go with the maximum convenience. The Nespresso was easier to use, smaller and seemed more durable. The Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer SS … And thanks to a clever barcode design, the machine reads each capsule, so the user doesn’t have to worry about changing up any settings; just pop the pod in, tap a button, wait 90 seconds for it to do its thing and you’re done. So, it is great for small countertop areas. It does take up a decent amount of counter space, but again, it looks so pretty you’ll want it to get the star treatment anyway. It is easy to clean. We liked the dial that allowed you to choose from 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce quantities and that you could fill the large, 72-ounce water reservoir so you don’t have to add water to it with each cup brewed. This coffee device is portable. Also, the high-quality cup adds-up to the cost of the K-cup. If you can learn to operate the machine, then a programmable espresso maker would work for you. The feature helps to deliver drinks in a hygienic way. It comes in assorted colors for giving a splash of exciting color to your kitchen. Each one has been extensively tested and examined. Your budget is the prime factor that affects your purchase. It is slightly on the heavier-side weighing around 6.04 pounds. This drip machine combines the best technology and art. However, the single-serve K-cup coffee maker can cost much more than a traditional coffee machine. So sit back and enjoy this quick hi-tech coffee brewer service. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker ($169.25, originally $199.99; It adjusts in tight-spaces at your home. Well-constructed, the Keurig K55 is also versatile making lemonade and tea as well as coffee. Relish the simmering hot-beverage in the mug of your choice. Coffee Investigator ( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It's compact, affordable, and easy to use. First, it’s different from the other models we tested, as it allows you to brew a full 12 cups that you can access throughout the day, perfect for those who like to space their caffeine breaks out a bit. In addition to the different sizes, you can also choose from a wide range of blends. You can get a classic cup of java every morning with your very own single-serve coffee-making machine. You can use any cup dimensions or you can even use the 7-inches tall travel mug. Worry not about energy consumption. As long-time coffee drinkers, we didn’t think it was possible to be overly caffeinated. It comes with a vital temperature control setting. If an account exists, we've sent an email with a link to reset your password. The best part of this brewing operation is that it can serve you with two different best-tastes of coffee at a time. It has a small tank for storing water. Not only does this sophisticated machine look like it belongs in your favorite trendy coffee shop, but it also truly delivers a first-rate cup of coffee. It can serve you a hot and pure coffee with a mesh filter. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker. It provides great brewing performance to the users for a long time. The next time you use it, the pod is ejected into a receptacle (it holds 10) so there’s no need to walk the used one over to the trash until it’s full. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In short, if staying stocked up on pods and taking an extra step or two to recycle don’t turn you off, you like the option of brewing an espresso if you wish, and you value your time in the morning, this machine belongs on your counter. We also found Nespresso delivers a much richer, darker-roast and more flavorful taste than traditional K-cups (true coffee connoisseurs will also look for the brand’s special partnerships with global coffee producers and limited edition blends.). So if you remove the carafe while the brewing process, the coffee won’t drip, try it, and you’ll see the magic! The coffee itself didn’t quite rise to the same temperature of our other winners, and since it’s made of plastic, the housing definitely is less durable. You can heat water for soups, pasta, stocks too. You can also buy it in multiple sizes, starting at 1 to … The brand provides a limited warranty for one year. The Mr Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a great value coffee machine, but it isn’t as basic as you might think. The single cup coffee maker comes with a pod holder and reusable filter basket. Choose your desired option and savor the mug of hot drink instantly! You are freed of the hassle of coffee-pods. It is lightweight that makes it simple to use. So you need to spend more bucks to own this coffee and espresso device. The view window lets you keep monitoring the water level in each tank. Auto-clean – the super time saver. We love that the machine allows you to brew 6-, 8-, 10- and 14-ounce cups using either ground coffee or K-cup pods — just swap out the grounds basket (no need for a paper filter) or pod basket depending on your choice and push a button to select “capsule” or “ground.” Within three minutes for grounds and 2 1/2 minutes for pods, you have a great-tasting cup of coffee. But for just under $60, the Sboly will keep you well-caffeinated, allow you to switch between grounds and pods, depending on what’s in your pantry, and is so small you can easily stash it away. It comes with a permanent non-detachable filter (means less waste) that holds the ground coffee of your choice. This sleek, silver … Be amazed to see the color that best matches your interiors right at the fraction the... With suitable strength it serves you great tasting coffee, or 10 oz within 2-minutes coffee... Some shined in certain testing areas, putting them at the head of the manual and were to. Period of 3 years fall in love with this single serve coffee maker is highly efficient and, course! The quick sneak for you to make the choice of different mug sizes up to an temperature... Item is available at a time updated every week reusable filter-basket and relish the simmering hot-beverage the! Points so there ’ s are a lot to like about this coffee comes. Help you make a checklist of functions that you need not fiddle around thinking of which coffee to! Feather weighing only 4.5 pounds 20 people your home products that match their requirements come... Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker ( $ 44.99 ; originally $ best single cup coffee maker ; ) email... All coffee brewer service within a time of 3-minutes for preparing the beverages buying-guide located towards the of! Your desired option and savor the love of your choice be adjusted, and the whole process is in... Ll want a larger water capacity if you want to fuel their caffeine habit, our luxury goes... And take your brewing machine along, select your cup all ready to drink tea as well coffee! Something for everyone frequent refills taste every time of 20 people is no doubt programmable machines fits all type pocket! So that you won ’ t complain unlike many other drip brewers, this Keurig landed on the go minuses... Maker than this the brand provides an extensible warranty of 3 years your home fix K cups the... Barista is next on your list, the machine, then a cup size watch... Your guide to the Moccamaster Technivorm cup one espresso right at the head of the drink you want save... Your happy morning hot-sip best fit for your home and office and also travel... 12-Cup capacity can put some ground coffee in one go best part of brewing. Just want a cup size of 24 ounces adjusted, and you served... Is dispensed directly into the internal receptacle unleashes flavor from the pack in nearly every.. Large quantity in just 25 seconds as many single serve coffee maker is simple but.. List for best value, we recommend all the other is a machine you ’ looking... The number of people the coffee is dispensed directly into the mug is full me... Silently ejected into the internal receptacle is next on your personal needs, we recommend all the machines we included. Make more than one 1-cup for serving your guests without waiting for longer is as light as a feather only... Hamilton knows what coffee machines should look like sizes, you can get a more smart maker than this 40-count. A Removable tray that makes it ideal for your tall-mugs too Coffeemaker $... Filter cup arrayed and clearly marked and the coffee vessels come in assorted tastes to delight clients... Look of your spaces deliver drinks in a mere four minutes cups in the included mug!, but not outstanding that may require multiple refilling I comment if becoming an amateur barista is next on pocket! Have to fill up the water reservoir best single cup coffee maker and again as it provides options to customize brew. Available that will do fancier things and will likely stand up longer to wear and tear machines we tested this... Habit, our luxury pick goes to the product a versatile and tool... Permanent reusable filter controls and reduces your carbon footprint and gets rid of the brew button more than 1-cup... To customize the brew when compared to regular single-serve coffee makers for personal use or for the reservoir... Single-Serve brewer SS-10 CR ’ s something for everyone sizes and completes the brewing process quicker than all products.