Cookies help us deliver our Services. Other than streaming music in my car, I do not use my phone when I am out and about. That’s the idea that Mint Mobile, formerly Mint Sim or Mint Wireless, has taken and made their own for cell phone service. Heavier sleepers may feel the mattress sink more than they’d like, because it is an all-foam bed so it lacks some of the firmer support you may see in hybrid or innerspring models. My service was maintained for over 4 months and I refilled my plan twice using Mint Mobile's single month plan with 2GB of data that is only available to current customers (Update - since the review was first published, Mint Mobile discontinued its pay by the month plan … The Mint app was started in 2006 and was acquired by Intuit in 2009. Metro may be congestion regulated as well, but no where near Mint. Their website also says that they work in all sectors of collectible coins including ancient and modern issue, foreign issue, coins from hoards and shipwrecks, certified coins, and banknotes. Mint Mobile FAQ. That actually works. Amazon Reviews: The Tuft & Needle Mint has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Mint Mobile has 3 different types of products which they sell to their eager customers.First and foremost is the prepaid data plans. Welcome to the Mint Mobile subreddit, where you say it like it is and we listen. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for $15/Month Mint Mobile Wireless Plan | 3GB of 4G LTE Data + Unlimited Talk & Text for 3 Months (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card) at What Network Does Mint Mobile Use? Welcome to the Mint Mobile subreddit, where you say it like it is and we listen. Need a helping paw? Want to learn more about Mint? Your comments, concerns, and suggestions are not only taken seriously, they also play a critical role in how we improve our service. According to their website, Westminster Mint is an online platform that wants to help their customers find a wide selection of bullion items in the form of coins, bars, and rounds at some of the lowest prices with fast physical delivery. Yea, I'm only halfway through my 3 months, but me and my SO decided we are just going to eat the cost and go to ATT prepaid. Before switching from T mobile I called mint to ask about the details and the process of how i can join. When I'm at home at night, I can easily have download speeds up to 80 and I've even seen 100mbps. BBB Rating: Tuft & Needle is a B B B accredited company with an A+ rating. YNAB stands for “You Need a Budget.” The company was founded in 2004 by a husband-and-wife team Julie and Jesse. Your comments, concerns, and suggestions are not only taken seriously, they also play a critical role in how we improve our service. I tried Mint today because of some good reviews out there. I have a OnePlus 5t and it's great that Wifi calling is supported. Metro may be congestion regulated as well, but no where near Mint. Press J to jump to the feed. Take charge of your finances with Mint’s online budget planner. Back Sleepers: The Tuft & Needle Mint does a phenomenal job of keeping your spine aligned throughout the night, which is a big plus for back sleepers. United States Mint was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 02, 2017 and since then this brand received 36 reviews.. United States Mint ranks 62 of 1119 in Governmental Organizations and Politics category. I asked him to check the call record from 4 days ago to verify and he said he does not see any calls made from my number before. Also, I was on Fi before Mint, and usually on T-mo for Fi, so I knew what I was getting into when I switched. After the tester Sim, I decided to go ahead and purchase 3 months of the 10gb plan and transfer my number. You Need a Budget – a better budgeting methodology and education 3. Coverage. I can check it daily to make sure nothing weird is going on with my cash reserves/credit card spending and as a one-stop shop to keep an eye on my investments. We are grateful for all the contributors - even the haters. However, when I go to work, which is about 15 miles outside the city center, my data is slowed down to <1mbps. I purchased the Test Sim Kit on Amazon for $5 and was impressed how good the service was at home and at work. While shopping online for an mint reviews reddit is easier and more convenient than shopping in person, it is also harder to know if you are buying a high-quality product. But, honestly, the more accounts you link it to, the better. … Mint is trash. I don't believe there is a plan greater than 10gb. No stores. I first noticed how horrendous the speeds were when it was taking almost a whole minute for Facebook comments to load. Tiller – level up your spreadsheets with automation 4. I called to report it, and they told me they have tracking for this type of thing and address it automatically. Clicking on Themes will launch the related window so you can do this. I end up using less than 1Gb a month, so I would hardly notice if I was getting slow speed, unless it was so slow it impacted music streaming. Both Facebook and Snap had approached Dubsmash about a deal earlier this year (REUTERS) Reddit to buy TikTok rival Dubsmash 1 min read. At exact locations, the Mint phone almost constantly being throttled. I don't think they are technically a MVNO since they are owned by TMobile. Free, fast, and easy Highly automated Simple budgeting tools Alerts Checks credit score Good mobile support, including for Apple Watch Now I understand how de-prioritization works, but to the extent it happens here is completely unreasonable. … My problem is that's it's been consistent. Check out what actual users of the app have to say about Mint on Reddit. I live in the Cincinnati area. Mint's main categories include overview, transactions, bills, budgets, goals, trends, investments, and ways to save. Mint’s parent company, Intuit, has been keeping people’s financial data safe for years. Mint is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses T-Mobile towers. Mint Mobile takes a simple idea — buy things in bulk to save big over the long term — and applies it to wireless service for your smartphone. Call us 213-372-7777 I haven't had any encounters with customer support, so I can't comment on that. I also asked if it matters if I purchase my sim card kit from Amazon because i can receive it faster and still get the free 3 month promotion. DM us at /u/MintMobileAlex. Overview Intuit's is a financial management website that offers a variety of tools to track and manage your finances. I had that at my work also where I live, everyone on TMobile got awful speed. Personal Capital – free financial dashboard plus wealth and retirement planning 2. The porting over process was painless and simple. I ported me and family lines and became a new Mint customer about a week ago. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or where I'm at in the city, it is ALWAYS <1mbps. I switched from Straight Talk T-Mobile, so I know for a fact T-Mobile towers work great here. Great review. He says I’ll repeat myself one more time and goes to say that you are eligible because you did not buy the sim card from website. Mint was basically un-usable when I needed it for data. So I'll start by saying that I was really excited to join Mint Mobile. After activation, I called in again to see if everything in my account looked okay and again asked when will i see the promotion added to my account while confirming that i bought my sim card kits from Amazon. Now, while it’s more expensive than their original bed, the Mint is still not crazy in terms of price considering the queen-size mattress is around $1,000. Facebook @mintmobilewireless. I get wifi at work, but it's a crap system that you have to log into which only works half the time, then it requires a VPN because everything is blocked, so I just stay on Mobile. I said that i was told multiple times by different representatives that it does not matter if I buy it from Amazon and that I should get a promotion. Mint Mobile's 3 In 1 SIM Card Kit With 3 Months Of 2GB Data. Can someone suggest a cheap phone? Sign up for our foxing newsletter! A prepaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Mint provides 3 different data tiers, which you buy in either a 3-month, 6- or 12-month batch. This makes it essentially impenetrable from a brute force attack. Mint Mobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), their cell phone service is powered by the national T-Mobile 4G LTE network. I don’t do much with phones but listen to music while driving and occasionally surf the web. Check out what real Mint Mobile customers and the real media are saying about our wireless service. The data plans vary based on data available, but all of them include the same data speed, a 4G network and hotspot.With all prepaid plan purchases, you will also get the following: a new SIM card, … I don't mind the occasional slow down. It's only $20 a month more. FAQs for Redditors. They keep suggesting a different solution when I wanted to switch from Mint Mobile after noticing a drop in call quality for weeks now. Other than the Data speeds, everything else works well. I was again told that it doesn’t matter if I bought it from Amazon because I activated my 3 month 8GB plan with in the timeframe and I should automatically see the promotion added in the next 2-3 days. Seems like too consistent of a problem to be de-prio though, but what do I know. Mint Mobile Pricing and availability. Metro difference to native T-Mo is almost not detectable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There are 3 different options based on length of time usage - 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. You are one of the lucky ones, I bought a full year and here in Orlando, phone calls are going directly to voicemail 50% of the time. OR. And don’t worry. PocketSmith – plan your budget and project with confidence 5. I was considering going to MetroPCS. The reviews are in, and, spoiler alert, our prepaid phone plans are a hit! I work in the phone industry and had chatted up with a T-Mo network engineer about my issue and I was told MVNOs like Mint have the absolute lowest priority on their network... Case closed and left Mint. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The representative confirmed that it doesn’t matter if you buy the sim card from the website or Amazon as long as I activate the 3 month plan within the promotion duration. Just huge direct to you savings on nationwide phone plans. “… 1. My text works perfectly, and while I have seen 1 phone call go directly to voicemail, it has only happened once, so I'm not to bothered by it. I used an unlocked 64 GB Motorola G4 Plus for the review. Mint Mobile is a prepaid carrier that distinguishes itself by selling service in chunks of three, six, or 12 months. United States Mint Overview. Curious if it will be de-prioritized. And now the customer service is reneging on their word which totally sucks. YNAB is a small, privately held company that offers personal budgeting software. Definitely switching back. About Mint. Metro difference to native T-Mo is almost not detectable. How can I get around 20gb's a month? (toll free 800-683-7392), Reddit enhanced device compatibility checker. Mint also uses Verisign for security scanning, and partners with BugCrowd on security audits. Tuft & Needle Mint Ratings. Why Mint? Not only the representative was super rude he wasn’t ready to understand either. 187 reviews from Mint Dentistry employees about Mint Dentistry culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I’m not a big fan of their categorization of expenses and budgeting/goals. When you set up your account, it will ask you if you want to link to your bank accounts. I’m having horrible speeds with Mint... but never had these throttling issues with Straight Talk T-Mobile which is also an MVNO. Press J to jump to the feed. Mint Mobile is a low-cost cell phone service provider that offers plans with unlimited talk and text, and LTE data. EveryDollar – Dave Ramsey's budgeting tool 7. Well worth the cost for something that works! Seems like weekend/late would see the speed go up if so. “Mint is great as a free dashboard. Setting the APN and MMSC settings was simple and worked perfectly from the start. If buying from Amazon is not eligible then I wouldn’t have minded waiting a few more days to receive the sim from Mint. In short, if you are moving elsewhere, I'd stay away from any Tmo MVNO, not just mint. I’m glad I’m still in my 7 day trial period. I can literally give a proof of my call log where I had a 11 minute conversation with the representative. There's also a bundled cache clearing button on the home screen. calls and 3GB LTE data is very generous in the mobile industry. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Even when the online pictures are an honest representation of the item, it is hard to see any tiny details in the photos. Mint (see our review) is a free online personal finance service similar to Quicken, but without any software to install. Today is about a week so I called back again to ask why am I not seeing the promotion added and I’m greeted by a rude agent who says you’re ineligible for the promotion as you did not buy the sim kits from the website. Mint is just as greedy as the big providers! I think a lot of folks are like me that just do not use much data. While Linux Mint does offer a slick default look and feel, you can also change individual components of your theme or download new ones. Mint offers 100 minutes free intel call each month which is nice. Seeing all the features of the app is great, but do they actually work? Honestly, it does sound like it's a TMobile congestion issue. I just activated my mint sim last night. 10 is too low for me? I had zero-issue with the native T-Mo phone, which incidentally is one generation older than my personal phone, so you can't blame the phone. Now, customer service is awful. The longer Mint is around, the more accounts and types of ac… The cell signal pretty much everywhere I go is great (with the exception of some buildings), but the data speeds are horrendous. It uses bank-level security and encryption to pull in your transaction data while keeping your information safe. From what I remember, it took months before they did whatever it was. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wasn't even granted a partial refund despite being unable to use the service. Can the community help a new customer out? Mint uses 256-bit encryption for your login information, and the data exchanged with Mint is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. 1 = Very poor 2 = Not good 3 = Fair 4 = Good 5 = Excellent. Updated: 14 Dec 2020, 07:56 PM IST Reuters . It's hacky but you can try turning off LTE in spots with bad de-prioritization, if the 3G coverage is decent you can get faster speeds sometimes. Plans. I live in the Cincinnati area as well and I don't have any issues with MintMobile. LMAO! Haven't had to use that one myself. The Mint Launcher looks very similar to the home screen we saw on the Poco F1, but there are a couple of changes. However, since they only give you 100mb of data, you don't really get to test the data AT ALL, and frankly, I believe this is by design. On mint as well, was driving though Cincinnati once and yeah the data was kinda slow. Used is fine, looking to spend about $50 for a used phone. To make the most of the interface, it’s best to link at leastto your primary checking account. Mint Mobile - Welcome to wireless in bulk! The transaction history limitation is a severe limitation making Mint not a valid solution unless you are willing to live without the transaction details needed to build a … Tried all my old phones, none seem compatible. Sometimes really late at night It will speed back up, but rarely >3mbps. I had the exact issue and experience as OP, so I left Mint when my prepaid plan ran out. Did a Speedtest check and it’s 0.11 Mbps. I had Mint as personal and also had a T-Mo work phone. Price not really a big deal, just don’t want to spend money for features and ability I won’t use. This is shocking service and I would like some help from Managers that are active in the community to help my case. The only place I get good download speeds consistently is at home...where I have wifi. Shop. Above all that he also says why did you even bother buying it from Amazon and why I was so “impatient” about it. From there, users can set up alerts for bills or other financial goals. I understand I'm probably a minority here, because I see plenty of people talk about how great the service is in their area. As such, it’s accessible with any browser or mobile device. For $15 each month with unlimited calling, 100 mins of intel. Quicken – Old but powerful if you can make it work 6. It's so slow that I can't even pull up Google Map or something that's less bandwidth intensive like opening Target app so I can scan the cart-wheel barcode - these simple things almost NEVER work right or well. No salespeople. Our free budget tracker helps you understand your spending for a brighter financial future. Mint Mobile re-imagined the wireless shopping experience and made it easy and online-only. Mint SIM has long offered some of the best amortized rates around. I do not wish to start and end a new chapter on such a bad note. They also offer educational resources that help you get a better handle on how you’re spending money so you can identify areas where you can save. This means you can get big network coverage, without paying big network prices! Mint Mobile was great back when it was called Mint SIM. Linux Mint Review – Effects-2 [/su_tab][/su_tabs] Themes. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit Share via Email. But only because i was told it doesn’t matter, I chose the faster shipping service. I understand I paid less and can deal with throttling if the speed is reasonable but it is not. I work in the phone industry and had chatted up with a T-Mo network engineer about my issue and I was told MVNOs like Mint have the absolute lowest priority on their network... Case closed and left Mint. MVNO is a fancy term for a mobile phone network that doesn’t own the actual cell phone towers themselves and essentially rents the bandwidth. So I followed his instructions ported my 3 lines and everything went well. Without the technical bugs experienced during testing, Mint would earn rave reviews, as the service is clearly the most robust automated budgeting tool available. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: … GoodBudget – support envelope budgeting methodology 8. I prefer a simple spreadsheet with my monthly bills and manually recording expenses,” said one Reddit review. In the first week of having it I started to notice constant slow downs. I have Wifi at home and the office, and most of the stores I frequent. My 7 day window has already passed, so I have to continue with this service for the time being, but these speeds (even at this price) are unreasonable or any actual use of my device. Biz & IT — Mint 18 review: “Just works” Linux doesn’t get any better than this New themes and moving from GNOME/GTK 3.10 to 3.18 mean two good years of Mint 18.x ahead. Maybe its a Cincinnati problem, but regardless it has ruined this service for me and I will be moving elsewhere. The website is free to use and generates money by suggesting products and services to you (they get a commission when you, for example, open a credit card they recommend). Mint Mobile - Welcome to wireless in bulk! Still kinda crap though honestly, but bearable. Social Media. Unlike bullion, collect… I was super excited for the savings, but time would prove that the reality is, you get what you pay for. Call us 213-372-7777 (toll free 800-683-7392) Useful Links - Reddit enhanced device compatibility checker. We are grateful for all the contributors - even the haters. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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